Fridge Affair – Animation short movie
Animating and Directors: Sara Barbas (Portugal), Annika Huskamp and Verena Maul (Germany) and Samuel Viñolo (Spain) in Halle; and Teodolinda Cotti Gelati,Cristina Poggioli and Filippo Letizi (Italy) in Milán.
Supervision: Paola Piozzi en Halle y Alexandra Grosse in Milán.
Producer: Halle Academy of Media and Arts (Germany) / Istituto Europeo di Milano.
Original Music: Francisco Cuadrado

Notes about the music:

The music was created by a spanish composer, Francisco Cuadrado.

The guideline was to bring a distinctive european accent to the film,trying at the same time to make people laugh just with the music. The reference were the interwar 20’s popular german music, with Bertolt Brecht and the cabaret music as main influence. This decission brought a mocking voice to the film, as the music comments as a distant narrator the action in the story. The score was aimed to be played as a drunken orchest could do it.

The sound ambience was aimed to reinforce the impression of acommunity joined against the external foe.