Music is like the brush for the painter or the pen for the writer:
my natural way of telling stories and generating emotions in the audience”

Francisco Cuadrado

Unique sound

Different music styles for different kind of projects (film, TV, theatre, mapping…), but always with a personal and recognizable style and unique sound.


More than 20 of experience in the music for media industry. Creative, narrative, interactive and technical skills developed to help you to increase the impact of your story.

Complete service

From composition and orchestration to recording and mixing. Full music production services enhanced with specific, synthestration, programming and interactive music experience.


Action / Adventures


Suspense / Thriller


Miscellanous / Advertising / Sound fiction / TV

Coming soon…

Short Stories


Integrated approach

My approach to creation: Sound design together with Music. An intimate relationship between music and sound effects, ambiences and dialogues, to create a complete sound narration.

Immersive experiences

Surround and 3D sound production skills, experience and resources to provide the most immersive sound experience for the audience.