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Every creation project implies a research job that, a lot of times, exceeds the size of the creation itself. The search for new musical and sonorous forms, new structures, new ways of interacting with the image, with the space, with the story you are telling… everything generates a knowledge and a richness that I need to communicate and transmite, with such dedication like the one I put on telling a story through music and sound. For this reason, since the beginning of my professional activity, I’ve always tried to keep open a research path in parallel with the creation, and dedicate also part of my effort to the training of other people, as a way of sharing my small findings, but also as a way to continue learning from the experience and creativity of others.

Founder and Director of
Music and Talent,
a different Music School

Communication and Education Professor at
Universidad Loyola Andalucía

Member of
Society for Education, Music
and Psychology Research

Member of
European Network for
Social and Emotional Competences


Research fields: New technologies in Communication. Music and Sound Creation. Creativity and Communication. Educommunication.


  • Doctor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication (University of Seville). Doctoral Thesis: “Film sound design: a sonorous emplacement“. Qualification: First Class Cum Laude per Unanimity. Award: Best Doctoral Thesis at the II Intercampus Conference 2004 for Researching and Teaching in the Net.
  • Member of the Research Group in Theory and Technology of the Communication – University of Seville (GITTCUS), from 1997 until now.
  • Participation in the Research project of development of the Emplacement Theory. International Award Intercampus for Researchs in the Net (2004).
  • Publications:
    • “The unconscious listening: Film sound design”. Being edited by Editorial Bitiji.
    • “Notes for an application of the emplacement theory in the cinema: the aural emplacement in the sound design”. Chapter in the book Emplacement Theory. Editorial Alfar.
    • “The cinematographic sound: an acousmatic perception”. Article in Communication: International publication in Audiovisual Communication, Publicity and cultural Studies.
    • “Sergei Prokofiev: the eisensteinian musical counterpoint”. Chapter in the book A hundred years of film. The factory and the dreams. La Fábrica y los sueños. University of Seville.
    • “The unification of the sonorous-musical creation in the film: theory and practice foundations”. Editorial Fíngaro
    • “The MIDI system: technology serving creation”. Editorial Fíngaro


  • Conference contributions:
      • “Music and Talent”. Guest Paper in the 2012 Image and Society Congress (Communication Faculty, University of Sevilla, march 2012).
      • Music and reading learning: creativity awakening“. Guest Paper in the I International Colloquium of Reader Universities (University of Seville, october 2011).
      • The role of the creators in the face of the new technologies”. Guest Paper in the course The new workpeople in the face of the transformation of the audiovisual system, International University of Andalusia (Seville, september 2008). 
      •  “Sound and music creation in the film”. Guest Paper in the Academic Course for Appreciation of Contemporary Music (Seville, may 2005).
      •  “The use of the Net in the research process of a Doctoral Thesis”. Guest Paper in the II International Conference CampusRed (Bilbao, january 2005).
      • “Sound resources in the music composition for film”. Guest Paper in the Academic Course for Appreciation of Contemporary Music (Seville, february 2002).
      •  “Film music: a new universe of meanings. Guest Paper in the VI International Symposium of the Andalusian Semiotics Association  (Sevilla, october 1996).
      •  “Film music: the history, the two discourses, the audiovisual integration”. Lectures projections and auditions. University of Quilmes (Argentina, august 1996).
  • 2011 – 2012: Professor at the Communication Faculty (University of Sevilla).
  • 2009 – 2010: Academic director of Artenet (New Technologies and Creative Techniques training center depending from the Autor Foundation).
  • 2007 – 2009: Artenet coordination team member.
  • 2006-2010: Teacher for the courses  Music computingVideo editingDocumentary creationDigital Audio in Pro ToolsRecord mixing and masteringComposing music for imagesMusic creation with virtual instrumentsSymphonic music recording techniques. Artenet.
  • 2005: Teacher of the subject Sound narrative in the Master’s Degree in Direction and Production for Film and TV. University Ramón Llull. .
  • 2005: Teacher of the academic course “Cultural frontiers and Communication. The identities emplacement”. University of Seville. May 2005.
  • 2003-2007: Teacher of the subjects Sound aestheticsFilm soundAudio postproduction and Production sound recording techniques at the andalusian School of Cinematography (EAC).
  • 2003-2006: Sound department director and Main Teacher of the Superior Degree subjects Digital audio postproductionSound systems and technical resources and Radio at the Superior Andalusian School of Audiovisual Media  (ESAMA).
  • 1999-2003: Main Teacher of the Superior Degree subjetc Digital audio postproduction at the Video Studio Center – Madrid (CEV)
  • 1996-1998: Collaboration with the professor D. Manuel Ángel Vázquez Medel in the teaching of the subjects Audiovisual discourse semiotics and Publicity semiotics (University Degrees in Audiovisual Communication and in Publicity and Public Relationship). University of Seville.
  • Participation in the R+D+I project Flamenco Home Studio, developed by Jesús Bola and Paco Ortega with the company Conexión Verde, constituted for the development of products related to the flamenco and new technologies.
  • Participation in the R+D+I project Flamenco en tus manos, directed by Jesús Bola, for the creation of a web site that integrates documentation about the history of the flamenco music style with online training in playing techniques of different instruments.
  • Development of audiovisual and interactive teaching resources in the field of music and audiovisual creation and production.