About Me

A long experience as Composer & Sound Designer

I’m a composer and sound designer, with a large experience on music and sound creation for any kind of media and stage productions: film,TV, videogames, videomapping, dance, theatre... My passion is to help telling a story through music and sound.

I have a background in music and music technologies studies, as well as in film and media, what has helped me to understand not only its aesthetic and narrative dimensions, but also a deep knowledge of all the involved production processes.

A different approach to music creation

The combination of music and sound is the leitmotiv that has led me to build my professional career. I’ve always tried to approach every project from this special point of view: an intimate relationship between music and sound elements to increase the impact of a story. I’ve been working for more than 20 years in more than 100  National and International productions.

“My life is a work where

music and dreams come together”

Francisco Cuadrado


Beyond Creation

Curiosity, passion to discover new paths, commitment and social impact are also words that define my way to understand my profession. Research as part of the creative process, development of new tools, music industry support. Do you want to know a bit more of this?

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Music Composer & Sound Designer

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