Music is like the brush for the painter or the pen for the writer:
my natural way of telling stories and generating emotions in the audience”

Francisco Cuadrado


After many years composing music for film, television, theater, dance, mapping … I have released my first album (better late than never).

“Storytelling” is a compilation of 16 themes composed for different film, documentary, videomapping, games and theater projects.

The “stories” of Storytelling

These “stories” are short videos that I decided to create and publish to share my way of working, my ideas, some tips, etc., when composing music for film, theater or media. They present some examples from pieces I’ve composed for different projects, and also include comments from the directors I have worked with. I hope you enjoy them! 

Unique voice

Different music styles for different types of projects (film, TV, theatre, mapping…), but always with a personal and recognizable music style and unique sound.


More than 20 years of experience in the music and sound industry. Creative, narrative, interactive and technical skills developed to help you to increase the impact of your story.

Complete service

From the first idea to the last mix. Full music production services: composition, orchestrationmusic editing and orchestral recording and mixing.



“El día en el que los pájaros aprendieron un nuevo cantar” (The day the birds learned a new song”) is an audio creative project, somewhat experimental and very personal. The idea came up during the confinement, as part of a creative challenge among the members of the theater association “Tomateatro”: each of us should create, using any form of artistic expression, something that somehow reflected how we were living the confinement, if possible with a positive approach.

This was my proposal: “The day the birds learned a new song.” A bet that is experienced differently than how we are used to it, which has allowed me to tell a story from a distinct “listening perspective”, and at the same time explore all the Ambisonic sound possibilities. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have done during the entire creative process.

Oh, it goes without saying that it is mandatory to listen to it with headphones, the best ones that you can find!

Integrated approach

My approach to creation: Sound design together with Music. An intimate relationship between music and sound effects, ambiences and dialogues, to create a complete sound narration.

Immersive experiences

Surround and 3D sound production skills, experience and resources to provide the most immersive sound experience for the audience.





I'm a composer and sound designer, focused in film and TV content, but also with a large experience in other media and stage productions: videogames, videomapping, dance or theatre. I have a background in music and music technologies studies, as well as in film and media communication, what has helped me to understand not only the aesthetic and narrative dimension of film and media, but also a deep knowledge of all the involved production processes.

This combination of music and sound is the leitmotiv that has led me to build my professional career. I've always tried to approach every project from this special point of view: an intimate relationship between music and sound effects, ambiences, dialogues, etc. to increase the impact of a story. I've been working for more than 20 years in more than 70 productions, both in National and International productions.

Curiosity, passion to discover new paths, commitment and social impact are also words that define my way to understand my profession. This philosophy has also led me to introduce research as part of my professional development, with participation in different R & D projects, and specially with the development of new tools, like the "Touch the sound" system. Do you want to know a bit more of this? Click here.


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I want to create the best music and design the most impressive sound for your project. During this first free call I will be able to know much more about your story, your whole project, your narrative approach, your technical needs, possible deadlines and any further aspect you are worried about. In this meeting you can also know exactly what can I offer and what is my approach for each kind of project. But, especially, it is a first creative contact!

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