Beyond Creation

Beyond Creation

Curiosity, passion to discover new paths, commitment and social impact are also words that define my way to understand my profession.

Research is part of my professional development: music and sound design, surround sound perception, emotions generation through sound and virtual audio/music technologies. I’ve leaded the R & D project “Unconscious listening“, and developed the “Touch the sound” system and the “Sound Moving” App.

The social and emotional impact of music and sound has also lead me to launch and host educational projects like “Music and Talent” or to participate in productions with a Social Justice purpose, like “Contramarea” or “En el otro lado”.

I’m also engaged with the promotion and support to the film and media music industry. Sevilla Film Orchestra, a full music for media production service for film and media, or the creation of the International Seville Film Music Festival (FIMUCS) are two good examples of this commitment.



Music Composer & Sound Designer

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