If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got

Albert Einstein

Curiosity, passion to discover new paths, commitment and social impact. Explore how music and sound can improve education and contribute to develop different skills or abilities; how to achieve greater narrative and emotional impact through audiovisual and multimedia productions; or how to help in the area of ​​physical and psychological well-being through music and sound. This has led me to participate in R & D projects in the field of music technology, such as Flamenco Home Studio, or to start my own projects, both in the fields of creation and education. Projects such as Music and Talent, a music school whose goal is not to teach music, but to use music as a resource to develop different skills in children from 3 to 11 years. Or Unconscious Listening, a research project funded by the BBVA Foundation that focuses on how to take advantage of the emotional impact that, music and sound from different media and video games, have on children to improve their learning.

Research projects

Unconscious listening

Learning To Be

Magic Shoes


Music and Talent


Flamenco Home Studio

Selected papers

  • Cuadrado, F. (2018). Touch the Sound: Design and Development of a Tangible System for Sound Experimentation. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, vol 66, no 6, pp 478-485. DOI:10.17743/jaes.2018.0032
  • Cuadrado, F. (2018). Music and Talent: an experimental project for personal development and well-being through music. International Journal of Music Education. DOI:10.1177/0255761418794720
  • Cuadrado, F., López-Cobo, I. Valverde, B., Varona, D. (2017). Musicalizatech: a collaborative music production project for secondary and high school students. Journal of Music, Technology and Education, vol 10, n1 pp 93-126. Reino Unido: Intellectbooks. DOI: 10.1386/jmte.10.1.93_1
  • Cuadrado, F. (2017). Del audio digital al audio virtual. Nuevas tendencias en la creación musical propiciadas por las nuevas tecnologías, Telos Cuadernos de Comunicación e Innovación, num. 106, pp 63-71. Madrid, Fundación Telefónica.
  • Cuadrado, F. (2016). Enseñar a través de la música. Formación docente en el grado de primaria. Eufonía. Didáctica de la Música, num. 069. Barcelona, Graó
  • Cuadrado Méndez, Francisco José (2015). The use of sequencer tools during the composition process – a field study. Journal of Music, Technology and Education, vol 8, n1 pp 55-70. Reino Unido: Intellectbooks. DOI:10.1386/jmte.8.1.55_1


My teaching career has always been developed in the field of professional, university and postgraduate training. I have been a teacher of subjects always related to music, sound and technology: symphonic music recording techniques, film music, music production, sound postproduction, mixing and mastering, music education and teaching and technology in education. I’ve been professor at University of Seville, University Ramón Lull (Barcelona), University of Quilmes (Argentina), CEV, ESAMA and Andalusian School of Cinematography, among others.

Currently I am Associate Dean in Social and Human Sciences at Universidad Loyola Andalucía (Seville, Spain), Professor and Researcher in the Department of Communication and Education and Coordinator of Musical activities at this same University.

I have also participated as a speaker at various conferences, seminars and events with lectures focused on different aspects related to my research and teaching activity:

  • “Lead your business like an orchestra”
  • “Music and Talent”
  • “Positive Education through music”
  • “Sound designing emotions” 
  • “Do we cheat the spectators? The influence of sound design on the perception of the audience”

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery 

Mark van Doren

Member of the
Audio Engineering Society

Ph.D Professor at
Universidad Loyola Andalucía


Member of the
Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research


Member of the European Network for Social and Emotional Competence



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