A Sound story

by Francisco Cuadrado


“El día en el que los pájaros aprendieron un nuevo cantar” (The day the birds learned a new song“) is a sound creative project, somewhat experimental and very personal. The idea came up during the confinement, as part of a creative challenge among the members of the theater association “Tomateatro”: each of us should create, using any form of artistic expression, something that somehow reflected how we were living the confinement, if possible with a positive approach.

This was my proposal: “The day the birds learned a new song.” A bet that is experienced differently than how we are used to it, which has allowed me to tell a story from a distinct “listening perspective”, and at the same time explore all the Ambisonic sound possibilities. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have done during the entire creative process.

Oh, it goes without saying that it is mandatory to listen to it with headphones, the best ones that you can find!

Music Composer & Sound Designer

© 2021 Francisco Cuadrado.




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