Relatos Cortos:
New Album

Relatos Cortos

I want to show you what really moves inside me when I compose and when I feel the music.

I present to you …  Relatos Cortos (Short Stories)

An album made up of intimate pieces, some inspired by works for film, dance, theater … others are born from personal stories, from my own emotions. A project in which I am lucky to be wonderfully accompanied by other artists and creators, who take the experience beyond the music itself.

I want you to be able to savor all this little by little, story by story. You will have an appointment with me a month.

I propose a sensory experience, in which you can interact with my work and make it yours; in which you will know the story behind each piece, feel and even savor my music.

Participate in Relatos Cortos: subscribe with your e-mail address and  you will receive instructions to experience a listening that goes beyond the music itself, which invites the rest of the senses.

Participate in the Relatos Cortos experience

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Cover design: Álvaro Rodríguez Galán
Marketing and creativity: Macarena Barroso Olagaray

Music Composer & Sound Designer

© 2021 Francisco Cuadrado.



+(34) 661 50 30 85

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